EMCO logistics


NVOCC Egypt-Turkey Traffic as agents (Delta Container Services)

Providing sea-freights for Egypt – Turkey ports.

Sea shipments customs clearance/local works

Loading / discharging via our allied contracted stevedores

Air Customs Clearance + Transport via our (Airport office)

Import, Export, Re-export, Inspections, temporary & Inland transportation through our Airport office.


Sea-fastening hot-works & providing sea-fastening equipment through allied suppliers.

Provision of fastening Materials

Providing Fastening Materials through our allied suppliers.

Provision of multimodal Port equip.

Provision of all port equipment like Cranes, Fork-lifts, Manpower, Hot-works, Beams, Spreaders, Sings

Customs Registration local works

Registration of client’s customs identities, renewal & follow up.

Project Database

Providing Projects shipments data sheets.

Cargo packaging

All types of packaging & fumigations.

In-port & out-port Storage

Storage services & cargo handling in Egyptian ports storage yards, external Storage yards & Free zones.

Road surveys

Full road surveying services.

jacking and skidding

Installation in job sites.

Cargo Handling (in port, out-port, job-Site Services and provisions)

Inland Transportation Through our own-fleet of trucks

Job-Site Trucks (stand by) works via EMCO TRANS

Job site Services via our trucks

Heavy lift Transport partner-ship

Cargo (Lashing, securing)

Cargo Insurance

Trading (consigning cargo under our import/export license)

Transit cargo works

Sea/Air freight booking